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At 18:00 on October 15th, Beijing time, the 2020 League of Legends Global Finals quarter-finals knockout match officially kicked off. The first quarter-finals were once again staged in the LCK summer final: DWG vs. DRX, DWG once again defeated DRX with a perfect suppression force 3-0. Become the first team to advance to the semi-finals.

北京时间10月15日18:00,2020年英雄联盟全球总决赛四分之一决赛淘汰赛正式拉开帷幕。在LCK夏季决赛中再次上演了四分之一决赛:DWG vs. DRX,DWG再次以完美的压制力3-0击败了DRX。成为第一个进入半决赛的亚博登录地址球队。

In the 6th minute, DWG had the right to push the line in the middle and lower lanes, and the jungler took the first dragon.


In the 8th minute, the two sides played a wave of 5V5 team battle at Canyon Pioneer. DWG's Syndra pushed the two and cooperated with teammate Kenan Tianlei to enter the field. DWG completed 0 for 2 and won the Canyon Pioneer.

在第8分钟,双方在Canyon Pioneer进行了一波5V5团队战斗。 DWG的Syndra推动了两者,并与队友Kenan Tianlei合作进入了这一领域。 DWG以2取得0,赢得了Canyon Pioneer。

In the 11th minute, DWG released the Canyon Pioneer in the middle, but the DRX return visit was faster, and the Canyon Pioneer did not succeed. DWG lost the opportunity to expand its economic advantage.

亚博登录地址在第11分钟,DWG在中间释放了Canyon Pioneer,但DRX回访速度更快,Canyon Pioneer没有成功。 DWG失去了扩大经济优势的机会。

In the 14th minute, DWG top laner Kenan wanted to cooperate with the assisting female tank to kill the opponent on the road Jace, but DRX's assistance promptly squatted back, flashing to Kenan's weakness and unable to deal damage, and killed him.


In the 28th minute, DWG forced the opponent's jungler Qian Jue's flash and big moves, took advantage of the situation, took the Fire Dragon Soul, and rushed out of the dragon after Qian Jue went home to supply supplies, DWG's economic lead came to 3000.

在第28分钟,DWG迫使对手的打野者Qian Jue的闪光和大举动作,利用形势,抓住Fire Dragon Soul,并在Qian Jue回家供应补给后冲出了巨龙,DWG的经济优势达到了3000 。

In the 34th minute, the DRX jungler Qianjue wanted to sneak attack on the opponent's female tank, but the DWG teammates supported too fast. Because the damage was too high and the big move was not released, he was killed directly. Down the ancient dragon and the big dragon.


In the 37th minute, DWG used the Double Dragon Club to flatten the opponent's three lanes, and used the Dragon Soul to easily grind off the DRX front tooth tower. Then DWG suddenly killed 3 people and dropped the game in a wave.

在第37分钟,DWG使用了Double Dragon Club来弄平对手的三个车道,并使用Dragon Soul轻松磨掉了DRX的前牙塔。然后DWG突然杀死了3个人,并一挥手就放弃了游戏。

In the 4th minute, the DRX mid laner Galio TP hit the road and wanted to catch the opponent Aoun. Aoun wanted to replace Jax, but failed. Galio took the blood.


In the 8th minute, DWG suddenly launched an attack on the road. DRX Galio surrendered his utmost support and arrived in time and counterattacked, but DWG supported him in time and successfully countered Galio.

在第8分钟,DWG突然在路上发动了进攻。 DRX加里奥投降了他的最大支持,及时赶到并反击,但DWG及时支持了他,并成功反击了加里奥。

In the 18th minute, the two sides suddenly launched a 5V5 team battle at the red buff in the lower half of the wild. The DRX lineup was more concentrated and took the lead to kill Thresh. DWG Orn flew 4 people but the remaining blood of his teammates could not keep up. In the end, DRX played 1 exchange. 5.

在第18分钟,双方突然在野外下半部的红色增益区发起了5V5团队战斗。 DRX阵容更加集中,率先杀死了Thresh。 DWG Orn飞行了4个人,但队友剩下的血无法跟上。最后,DRX进行了1次交换。 5,

In the 27th minute, the two sides fought a 5V5 team battle in the middle. DRX Jax attacked Thresh, and the 5 people worked together to kill him, but DWG Top Dan Aoun played a knockout and big move in time to control the 4 people, giving Teammate Aphelios perfected the position, and finally DWG played 0 for 5, took down his second dragon and took the big dragon.

在第27分钟,双方在中间进行了5V5团队战斗。 DRX Jax攻击了Thresh,这5个人共同杀死了他,但DWG Top Dan Aoun发挥了淘汰赛的作用,并及时采取行动控制了4个人,使队友Aphelios完善了位置,最后DWG以5比5进行了比赛顺着第二条龙走下那条大龙。

In the 33rd minute, the two sides competed around the drawing dragon, but DRX failed to start the group due to lineup issues, and DWG took the drawing dragon.


In the 35th minute, the two sides started a team battle in the middle. The DWG single card flashed the yellow card Leopard Girl. The teammates followed to kill her, and then killed the middle Lu Galio. DWG took advantage of the opponent’s front tooth tower and left the other 3 players. Kill easily, a wave of success.

在第35分钟,双方在中间展开了一场团队战斗。 DWG单卡闪烁了黄牌“豹女”。队友们随后杀死了她,然后杀死了中间的卢加里奥。 DWG利用了对手的前牙塔,并离开了其他3名玩家。轻松杀死,一波成功。

In the 6th minute, DRX seized the opportunity of the opponent's bot lane to assist and support the dragon, grabbed the ice on the line, and successfully killed him to get a blood. DWG took the first dragon.

在第6分钟,DRX抓住了对手的机器人通道来协助和支持巨龙的机会,抓住了冰上的冰线,并成功杀死了他以获取鲜血。 DWG夺走了第一条龙。

In the 7th minute, on the road, the two singles exchanged big moves and flashes, playing 1 for 1.


In the 8th minute, the DRX jungler wanted to attack the opponent's jungler Qian Jue. Qian Jue surrendered his big move and waited for the support of his teammates to successfully counter-kill the male gun and take the Canyon Vanguard.


In the 13th minute, DRX seized the opportunity of DWG assisted Pan Sen's misplacement at the Xiaolong River Road, killed him, and took his first dragon.


In the 17th minute, DWG had a battle in the middle and the blue buff. After assisting Pan Sen was killed in the middle, Aoun swapped Vickers' kills and finally DWG played 1 for 3.


In the 20th minute, the DWG4 grabbed the opponent's bot lane combination at Xiaolong and easily played 0 for 2.


In the 22nd minute, the two sides fought from one tower in the middle to the big dragon red buff lasting for 1 minute. In the end, DWG played 1 for 4 and won the big dragon by virtue of its better pulling ability.


In the 24th minute, DWG made a mistake by using the Dragon Soul and DRX lineup to disperse the DRX group and succeeded in a wave of matches and advanced to the semi-finals.

在第24分钟,DWG通过使用Dragon Soul和DRX阵容分散DRX组而犯了一个错误,并成功进行了一波比赛并晋级半决赛。

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