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As we all know, in the past ten years, Chinese football has staged a huge "Westernization Movement". With the start of the gold dollar model, a large amount of money flowed into the league, so our players began to act. Every time clubs go to the international transfer window, they will go to Europe and the United States to "sweep the goods", and they are dedicated to selecting world-class big-name foreign players, and even some players are still attracted by the top five leagues. But our Chinese Super League club can always get them at several times or even dozens of times the price. So our Chinese Super League fans are happy, because the stars that were only seen on TV in the past can now be seen in the Super League, such as Warcraft Drogba, Hulk, Little Golden Man Oscar, Golden Boy Pato Wait, there is everything.

众所周知,在过去的十年中,中国足球上演了一场大规模的“西化运动”。随着金币模式的开始,大量资金流入了联盟,因此我们的球员开始行动。俱乐部每次进入国际转会窗口,都会去欧美“扫货”,并致力于选择世界级的大牌外国球员亚博登录地址,甚至有些球员仍然被世界所吸引。前五名联赛。但是我们的中国超级联赛俱乐部总是可以以几倍甚至几十倍的价格获得它们。所以我们的中国超级联赛球迷很高兴,因为过去仅在电视上看到过的明星现在可以在超级联赛中看到,例如魔兽德罗巴,绿巨人,小金人奥斯卡,金童帕托等等, 。

Of course, just buying Western weapons is not enough to make the team strong. More importantly, we also need advanced Western skills, tactics and management experience. Therefore, while introducing big-name foreign aid, our Chinese football has also become a foreign teacher. . It seems that in the Super League, if you don't ask a foreign teacher to lead the team, you just don't pursue it. Only if you hire a big foreign aid or even a world-class champion team, you can be called a giant. And even if the relegation team does not hire a foreign teacher, the fans will be very dissatisfied, thinking that the team will not participate.

当然,仅购买西方武器还不足以增强团队实力。更重要的是,我们还需要先进的西方技能,战术和管理经验。因此,在引进大牌外援的同时,我们的中国足球也成为了一名外教。 。看来在超级联赛中,如果您不要求外国老师带领球队,那么您就是不追求它。仅当您雇用大型外援甚至是世界一流的冠军球队时,您才能被称为巨人。即使降级团队没有雇用外教,球迷们也会非常不满意,以为降级团队不会参加。

It can be said that in this environment, our local coaches have little room for survival. Because Chinese football itself lags behind, the first impression of local coaches is that they are inadequate and relatively conservative. Therefore, in our league, local coaches can only be firefighting coaches. When a foreign teacher is really not good at leading the team, the local coach will stand up at this time and unite the team to help the team relegation. If the relegation is successful, then another foreign teacher will be replaced. If it is unsuccessful, then the local handsome will be in trouble. It can be said that for a long period of time, our local coaches will be said to win the game is not beautiful or the other party is not serious, tie is said to be too conservative and not enterprising, lose, it will be incompetent and exhausted to the army. Basically there will be scolding if there is a match!


But in fact, many of us have overlooked the tremendous progress made by local coaches over the years. Because of the arrival of such a big foreign teacher team in recent years, our local coaches have learned a lot of advanced football concepts with them. And many of our local coaches are very hardworking, and some of them often go to Europe to study, so they have improved a lot in terms of team leadership. In addition, local coaches themselves have natural advantages over foreign teachers, that is, cultural background and language. Because of the differences in Chinese and Western cultures, many foreign teachers have come to the Super League, unable to implement their advanced concepts into the team. At the same time, their lack of understanding of Chinese football and Chinese players has also caused many foreign teachers to leave Germany in the later stages, leading the team to relegation or serious decline in performance. The main reason why local coaches can always fight the fire is that they understand the Chinese players, and at critical moments they can unite the team in time to overcome difficulties together.


In fact, from our own observation, we can find that many of our local coaches did not lead the team very badly in recent years. For example, the former national football coach Gao Hongbo won the championship in the Chinese Super League, and also led the national football team to achieve a breakthrough 3:0 victory over South Korea. 1:0 lore France. In addition, there is Li Xiaopeng, the former head coach of Shandong Luneng. When Luneng was at a low point, he brought Luneng back to the strong team. In addition, there is Wang Baoshan, the current head coach of Tianjin TEDA. He led the civilian Jianye well when he was in the Henan Jianye team. Later, he went to TEDA. At present, TEDA is also looking forward to relegation. It can be said that these local handsome are really not bad at all, and what they can do at the critical moment, Yang Shuai may not be able to do.

实际上,根据我们自己的观察,我们发现,近年来,我们许多当地教练的表现并不差劲。例如,前国家足球教练高洪波获得了中国超级联赛的冠军,还带领国家足球队以3:0的优势击败韩国。 1:0绝杀法国。此外,还有山东鲁能的前主教练李小鹏。鲁能处于低潮时,他将鲁能带回了强队。此外,还有天津泰达现任总教练王宝山。在河南建业队时,他很好地领导了建业平民。后来,他去了泰达。目前,开发区也期待降级。可以说,这些本地帅哥真的还不错,而在关键时刻他们可以做什么,杨帅可能做不到。

Recently, another local coach started to shine. He is Xie Feng, the coach of Hebei China Fortune. Speaking of Hebei China Fortune, I believe that many fans have the impression that the Super League is an absolute tyrant. It is true that since Hebei China Fortune rushed to the Super League, it really did not cost less, and the big-name foreign aids have been invited. Ravechi, Gervinho, Mascherano, none of them are not famous. Of course, there are also many international players, such as Dewey, Dong Xuesheng, Zhang Chengdong, Jiang Zhipeng, Zhao Mingjian, Ren Hang and so on. The foreign teacher also invited a famous coach like Pellegrini. But unfortunately, Hebei Huaxia Happiness has been tossing for so many years, and has not even entered the AFC Champions League, which is directly proportional to their total unsuccessful investment. Although Hebei China Fortune has many big-name players, their combat effectiveness is not commensurate with them. And the outside world also believes that Hebei Huaxia Fortune is actually very complicated, and a coach who can understand Hebei Huaxia Fortune does not seem to exist.

最近,另一位当地教练开始发光。他是河北中国财富教练谢锋。说到《河北中国财富》,我相信很多球迷都有超级联赛是绝对暴君的印象。的确,自从《河北中国财富》(Habbit China Fortune)赶上中超联赛以来,它的花费确实没有减少,而且邀请了著名的外国援助人员。拉韦奇(Ravechi),热尔维尼奥(Gervinho),马斯切拉诺(Mascherano),他们都不是名人。当然,国际上也有很多企业,例如杜威,董学胜,张承东,江志鹏,赵明鉴,任航等。这位外国老师还邀请了像佩莱格里尼这样的著名教练。但不幸的是,河北华夏幸福已经折腾了这么多年,甚至还没有加入亚冠联赛,这与他们的失败投资总额成正比。尽管《河北华夏财富》有许多知名企业,但其战斗力与他们并不相称。外界也认为,河北华夏财富实际上是非常复杂的,似乎不存在能够了解河北华夏财富的教练。

But this person was born, and that is Xie Feng, the former head coach of Guoan. In fact, as soon as Xie Feng took office, Hebei Huaxia Fortune began to change its operational thinking. Because the high investment in successive years seems to have been lost, the investment in the team has also been reduced. In the past two years, big-name foreign aid has basically not renewed, and the international team has also gone for most of the time, and even the newly signed foreign aid is not worth high. It can be said that Hebei Huaxia Fortune has changed from a local tyrant's configuration to a relegation team configuration.


It stands to reason that such changes will exacerbate the contradictions within the team. But last season, Hebei Huaxia Fortune survived under the leadership of Xie Feng. Not only did he succeed in relegation, he also found his best way of playing. This season, Hebei Huaxia Happiness has further tightened its investment, but they unexpectedly eliminated all difficulties and entered the top four of the group, successfully entered the championship group, and completed the relegation task this season ahead of schedule. And the team's high center play style has become very mature.


And this time, in the first round of the elimination round of the championship group, Hebei Huaxia Fortune, who lost captain Zhang Chengdong and midfielder He Gaorat, almost smashed the strongest. Not only did they take the lead in breaking Evergrande's players in a counterattack in the first half, but their defense made Evergrande's Talisca and Paulinho at a loss, and there was almost no decent attack. If Evergrande’s bench is not strong enough to always maintain a strong impact, the result is not necessarily so.


Although in this match, China lost to Evergrande 1:3, it was able to make Evergrande unable to find a breakthrough in 60 minutes. It has proved Xie Feng's ability to rank defensively, and also proved that he can Successfully unite China's players, so that team members can fight for a goal. It can be said that this can be done, which has shown that Xie Feng's coaching ability is not bad, and he still has a lot of room for improvement.


In fact, we have heard many retired players say a word in recent years, the future of Chinese football still depends on their own people. It looks like this now. Give us more opportunities for China's own coaches and cultivate more Chinese players. This is the way to a strong Chinese football! How do you think of this? Friends are welcome to discuss together in the comment area!


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