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   4 to 3, two goals came back in the last 5 minutes, Inter Milan's game, some people will feel exhausted, but there are probably not a few fans who feel upset.


   This defense is terrible! It's rotten into a sieve!


A representative shot of this field is that the 37-year-old Ribery dribbled the ball on the left alone, creating all kinds of murderous opportunities. Inter Milan's two tall center defenders Dan Brosio and Bastoni could not limit him at all. , And once the ball is transferred to the center, the blue and black have no one to follow back, and they are beaten exactly.

该领域的代表作是37岁的里贝里(Ribery)独自运球左侧球,创造了各种谋杀机会。国际米兰的两位中后卫丹·布罗西奥和巴斯托尼根本无法限制他。 ,一旦球移到中心,蓝色和黑色就没有人跟随,他们被准确地殴打。

  Looking at the ball that was almost locked in by Viola, Ribery dribbled the ball and Inter Milan's left wing was left empty. Vlahović was completely unattended. Fortunately, he was merciful.


   Inter people? Is this point of left center back Kolarov visible at the critical moment? His full-back and offensive attributes are too strong, he likes to push up, but he really can't come back when he turns from offense to defense. Look at the third goal. Kolarov made a left-wing pass. Did he consider himself a full-back. When he returned to the defense, he ran slowly and was easily thrown off by Chiesa.


   is so riddled with holes, Conte’s 3412 double-wing guard style of play, I am afraid that he will bear the main responsibility. Among the three central defenders, there are two full-backs, Dan Brosio and Kolarov. Kolarov likes to run forward. The two wing guards, Ashley Young and Perisic, are both veterans. They made a certain contribution when attacking, but they couldn't come back when they switched from offense to defense. This created a large open space in the backcourt for Inter.

孔戴(Conte)3412双翼后卫的打法是如此之多,恐怕他将承担主要责任。在三名中后卫中,有两名边后卫丹·布罗西奥和科拉罗夫。科拉罗夫喜欢向前冲。两位边锋后卫Ashley Young和Perisic都是退伍军人。他们在进攻时做出了一定的贡献,但是当他们从进攻转为防守时,他们无法回来。这为国际米兰在后场创造了一个广阔的空地。

Conte explained after the game: "We want to use offense instead of defense. I was impressed by the team's offense today, but I also think that too many players participate in the offense, causing the backcourt to expose space." This sounded a bit of a rejection. Pot, too many players are pressing, didn't you deploy it? If you don't let them go, can they force it up by themselves?


   Conte is obviously betting this time, this set of 3412 is to use offense to crush the opponent, I myself have a few more, as for Florence to play a few, it is resigned. I am stronger than you and have the confidence to be so brutal. The facts show that Conte won the bet, but there is too much luck in it. The opponent who had a 17-point gap last season played this scene. Should Inter Milan celebrate, or should it reflect and summarize?


   How did Conte win back? It's because my people are better than you. Lautaro went down to the world, a world wave, and a one-stop Oolong that embodies power confrontation, foot skills and sharpness; Lukaku is also very fierce. Although he lost a few goals, he jabbed in the middle in the second half. The fulcrum role is too strong. In addition to Inter Milan's luxurious bench in Serie A, Sanchez, Sensi, and Vidal rushed to the top, and finally crushed Florence.


   It can be said that in this 4 to 3, Conte’s formation first dug a big hole for Inter Milan, and then relied on the players' personal ability and lineup strength to make up for a major reversal. Should it be happy or worried? Different people have different opinions. After the game, Conte said that he hopes Inter Milan will be more balanced, but if he wants to be more balanced, he may start by reflecting on himself.


(jiangdao kite)


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