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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


Knowing the ball Emperor grandly launched the Football Hall of Fame, condensing the touch that every legend brings to us. Every Tuesday night at ten o'clock, wonderful presentations. "I am a coach 3.0" will simultaneously launch Hall of Fame player cards for coaches to recruit!

知道球皇帝隆重推出足球名人堂,凝聚了每个传奇带给我们的触感。每个星期二晚上十点,精彩的演讲。 “我是教练3.0”将同时推出名人堂球员卡,供教练招募!

Luis Figo always seems to be in the whirlpool of public opinion. People with different positions have different opinions on him. News about him can always cause endless controversy. People who like him regard him as a master and legend, and his ability to turn decadence into a miracle has also been widely recognized in the industry; those who question him are not cold about his temperament, and the red and blue diehards think he is a traitor to the club that focuses on self-interest. , Some extreme fans even think that his "defection" overthrew the dominoes of the golden dollar era in football.

路易斯·菲戈(Luis Figo)似乎总是处于舆论漩涡中。不同职位的人对他有不同的看法。有关他的消息总会引起无休止的争论。像他这样的人将他视为大师和传奇人物,他将decade废变成奇迹的能力在业界也得到了广泛认可;那些质疑他的人对他的性格并不冷淡,红色和蓝色顽固派认为他是俱乐部中致力于个人利益的叛徒。 ,一些极限爱好者甚至认为他的“叛变”推翻了足球黄金时代的骨牌。

At his peak, Figo possessed top-notch dribbling, organization and shooting skills. He had a strong combination of man and ball, practical skills and many changes. He played the right wing but was equally powerful in the middle and left wing. The power of "scoring a goal" and free kick skills are also outstanding. It can be called the perfect template for technical wingers/wingers. He is a "man who puts the devil in his shoes". The three giants who have played in the two major leagues in his professional career have completed individual and team honors in club competitions, leaving countless classic assists and goals. For fans who have witnessed Figo's career, it is a good match It may be more appropriate to describe Figo with a master, king of the right side or perfect winger.

菲戈在他的巅峰时期拥有顶尖的盘带,组织和投篮能力。他将人与球,实用技巧和许多变化紧密结合在一起。他打右翼,但在中翼和左翼同样强大。 “进球得分”和任意球技巧的力量也非常出色。它可以被称为技术边锋/边锋的完美模板。他是一个“把魔鬼穿上鞋子的人”。在他的职业生涯中参加过两个大联盟的三巨头已经在俱乐部比赛中获得个人和团队荣誉,留下了无数经典助攻和进球。对于见证了菲戈职业生涯的球迷来说,这是一个不错的选择。用主人,右侧之王或边锋来形容菲戈可能更合适。

As a native of Lisbon, Figo's football career started in the little-known Pastilla. After the parent team went bankrupt due to poor management, Figo became a member of the Portuguese sports echelon. In the 1989/90 season, Figo, who was only 17 years old, began to get some league appearances. After winning the World Youth Championship with the Portuguese National Youth Team, Figo won an official contract. In the 1991/92 season, Figo became the main force of the Green Lions, ranking among the top three in the league in minutes. In the three seasons playing for Portuguese sports, Figo played 91 times and scored 15 goals. His crosses and shots were the sharpest weapon in the Green Lions attack line. The invitation from the European giants flew like snow. To Lisbon.


In the summer window of 1995, Figo fought with Juventus and Parma due to the issue of the "yin and yang contract". Barcelona finally won in a multilateral game. The Portuguese settled in Catalonia with a record value of 20 million US dollars. At that time, the "Dream Team" had begun to decline, Figo filled the vacancy of Michel Laudrup, gave the team a new vitality, and gave the red and blue fans unlimited hope.


In the first season after joining Barcelona, ​​Figo's statistics were not beautiful (5 goals in 35 games), but his technical, organizational and leadership qualities still conquered the fans. He is good at high and gentle lateral transfers and straight thrusts with the right ribs, as well as a 45-degree half-height behind the ball and a vigorous sweep behind the side of the rotation, which can send out accurate crosses that make teammates comfortable, but also When the team needs to complete the final task, Figo with superb footwork has almost no technical shortcomings. The right foot technique is superb, and Figo's left foot technique is also above the standard, which allows him to frequently cooperate with the middle and left players in the game and change positions.


Barcelona gave the honor of Deputy Captain Figo. At that time, the first captain Pep Guardiola was frequently troubled by injuries. The Portuguese was the first captain on the pitch in many games. This is the first time a foreign aid has served as captain in Barcelona. In his five seasons with Barcelona, ​​Figo brought two La Liga titles and a European Cup Winners' Cup for Barcelona. In the 1999/00 season, Barcelona lost to Deportivo in the process of striving for three consecutive La Liga titles. In the Champions League, Valencia was blocked from the finals. In this regrettable season, Figo was in two games. Scored 11 goals on all fronts and is the most stable player in the Red and Blues.


In the summer of 2000, Florentino was unexpectedly elected chairman of Real Madrid, and he immediately fulfilled his promise to buy Figo with all his strength. It was definitely an earthquake-like deal. The Barcelona captain, who was at the peak of his career, switched to the mortal enemy camp. The former standard bearer of the red and blue spirit gave up his beliefs. Figo risked the world's unrest and created an endless topic. Also from Barcelona to Real Madrid, the story of Schuster and Michel Laudrup is rarely mentioned. Many Barcelona fans still regard them as part of the club’s history, but Figo Never been forgiven by Barcelona fans, the player who was once regarded as able to represent the ideals of Catalonia paid a heavy price for his former reputation.


Burdened with huge controversy, Figo showed an admirable general demeanor. Instead of succumbing to pressure, he used his outstanding performance on the court to dispel the smoke of public opinion. In the 2000/01 season, Real Madrid suffered a serious injury crisis. Both Morientes and Savio missed more than one-third of the games. Guti was forced to top the striker and partner with Raul in many games. Figo Almost relying on his own power to prop up the transportation line of the Galaxy battleship, his range of activity covers the entire midfield from the right as the starting point. Although he failed to lead Real Madrid back to the Champions League final stage, Figo's arrival allowed Real Madrid to win the La Liga championship again after four years, which became his most important bargaining chip when he competed for the Ballon d'Or.


In the 2001/02 season, with the arrival of Zidane, Figo's range of activities was fixed on the right wing, but this did not affect his offensive efficiency. On December 17, 2001, at the FIFA World Player of Football Awards Ceremony, Figo won the competition between Raul Gonzalez and David Beckham and was honored as the World Player of the Year. In the following season, Figo and his teammates also won the Big Ear Cup in Glasgow, and the "Galaxy Phase One" reached its peak.

在2001/02赛季,随着齐达内的到来,菲戈的活动范围固定在右翼,但这并没有影响他的进攻效率。 2001年12月17日,在FIFA世界足球先生颁奖典礼上,Figo赢得了劳尔·冈萨雷斯(Raul Gonzalez)和贝克汉姆(David Beckham)的比赛,并被评为年度最佳球员。在接下来的赛季中,菲戈和他的队友也赢得了格拉斯哥的“大耳朵杯”比赛,“银河第一阶段”达到了顶峰。

In the 2002/03 season, Figo scored 10 goals in the league and set a new career record. In the Champions League matchup with Manchester United, the Portuguese's brilliant lob in the first leg became an influence on the series. key. It is a pity that Figo missed a penalty kick in the second round against Juventus in the semi-final. The defeat of the defending Champions League marked the beginning of the "Galaxy Phase One" into the down zone.


In the summer window of 2003, Figo ushered in one of the most severe challenges of his career. Florentino spent 35 million euros to introduce Beckham. The debate about who will be the main right-back has run through the Real Madrid season. Always prepare before. Since he was promoted to the first team of Portuguese sports, Figo has experienced many famous coaches such as Cruyff, Bobby Robson, Van Gaal, Bosque and Queiroz. During the period, he has experienced the peak of the mountains. I have also been dejected several times because the four majors were empty. However, whether the team is at the peak or the trough, Figo's performance is as stable as ever. Facts have proved that the continuous increase in the exposure of the "Galaxy Battleship" has not shaken Figo's main position. Beckham has opened up a new world in the position of the back midfielder, and the Portuguese is still Real Madrid's starting right forward.


In the summer of 2005, Florentino's superstar policy was almost crazy, Robinho, Ramos, Baptista, Pablo Garcia and Diogo joined one after another. In order to make room for young players and save wages, Real Madrid sent Figo to Inter Milan for free. In his ten seasons in La Liga, Figo contributed 105 assists and became the leading assist in La Liga history. This record was not surpassed by Barcelona's younger Messi until ten years later.


Without accepting the huge invitation of the Saudi team, Figo hopes to prove that he is not old in Serie A and has the ability to gallop in the green arena. In the first two seasons playing for Inter Milan, Figo was the main player doing his part. "Man I" focuses on muscular football, the team's long man and iron waist are like forests, and the skilled Figo is very prominent. Although he has lost his speed advantage, Figo's control of the rhythm is more sophisticated. The combination of sudden, stopping, dialing and buckling is particularly tight. The pulling, changing direction and speed change during continuous shaking are elusive, and the combination of speed and slow changes. Impermanence, it is difficult for a defensive player to figure out his intentions. Even in the face of a multiplayer siege, Figo can use his physical advantage to protect the ball and easily dodge and move. Figo, who is full of leadership temperament, doesn't like to use loud yelling to remind his teammates. His magic feet and expression of self-arrogance are the best business cards of the team spirit.

菲戈不接受沙特球队的巨大邀请,他希望证明自己在意甲不老,并且有能力在绿色领域奔跑。在为国际米兰效力的前两个赛季中,菲戈是发挥自己作用的主要球员。 “男人I”专注于肌肉发达的足球,该团队的高个子男人和铁腰就像森林,熟练的Figo十分杰出。尽管他失去了速度优势,但菲戈对节奏的控制更加复杂。突然的,停止的,拨号的和扭曲的结合特别紧密。连续摇晃过程中的牵拉,变化方向和速度变化难以捉摸,而速度变化和缓慢变化的结合。无常,防守球员很难弄清楚自己的意图。即使面对多人围攻,菲戈也可以利用自己的身体优势保护球,轻松躲避和移动。充满领导气质的菲戈不喜欢大声喊叫来提醒队友。他的魔力脚和自傲的表情是团队精神的最佳名片。

On May 31, 2009, the Serie A final match, Inter Milan played at home against Atlanta. This is the Nerazzurri’s cup-winning battle and the last official game before Figo retires. Mourinho arranged for Figo to start, and Zanetti gave the captain's armband to the Portuguese. Players from both sides lined up to applaud Figo on both sides of the player channel. In the 43rd minute, Figo was replaced by Thornton. Meazza stood up and gave him prolonged applause. Players from both sides stepped forward to say goodbye to Figo.

2009年5月31日,意甲决赛,国际米兰主场对阵亚特兰大。这是Nerazzurri赢得杯赛的比赛,也是Figo退役前的最后一场正式比赛。穆里尼奥安排菲戈开始比赛,扎内蒂将船长的臂章交给葡萄牙人。双方的玩家在玩家频道的两侧排队欢迎菲戈。在第43分钟,菲戈被桑顿取代。 Meazza站起来,给他长时间的掌声。双方的球员上前向菲戈说再见。

Without controversy and defamation, without endless wars of words and "Rashomon", Figo enjoyed a rare peace during the Serie A campaign. Figo, who was nearing the twilight of his career, calmly accepted the identity of the substitute and began to play a role as a passer-by. During his four-year Serie A career, Figo helped the Nerazzurri complete the monopoly of the league championship, winning a total of seven domestic trophies. Although he failed to follow Mourinho to the top of the European Union, Figo successfully completed the "technical poverty alleviation" task, laying the foundation for Inter Milan's triple crown.


As the leader of the "golden generation", Figo is second only to Eusebio and Ronaldo in Portuguese football. In the nearly 20 years of his international career, Figo has recorded 127 games with 32 goals. He is the leader of the "golden generation" and has witnessed and promoted the revival of Portuguese football.


Figo's national team career began in 1989, when the Portuguese U16 national youth team led by him won the European Under-16 Championship. In the U21 World Youth Championship two years later, the Portuguese team won the championship historically, and Figo, the absolute core, won the tournament's best player. After two consecutive World Cup qualifiers, the "Golden Generation" regained their dignity in the European Cup. In the 1996 European Cup, Portugal reached the quarter-finals, showing a good upward momentum. In the 2000 European Cup, Portugal broke through the group of deaths without being optimistic. After reaching the semi-finals, it took 120 minutes to fight with the French team that was in full swing before losing regretfully. Figo, who performed well, was selected as the best team of the event, and his super long shot in the reversal of England became a timeless classic.


In the summer of Japan and South Korea in 2002, the golden generation at its peak encountered controversial penalties and failed to reach the heights expected by fans. At the 2004 European Cup at home, the smug Five Shields became the background board of the Greek miracle, and the blank of the national team's honor became the biggest regret of Figo's career. After the end of this European Cup, the frustrated Figo once withdrew from the national team, but under the persuasion of Scolari and others, he announced his return in 2005. In the 2006 World Cup, Portugal once again reached the World Cup semi-finals after a lapse of 40 years. Figo played a good show of making points in the process of the team's promotion, and successfully completed the transfer of power of the national team with Ronaldo. .

在2002年的夏天的日本和韩国,黄金一代的巅峰时期受到了有争议的处罚,未能达到球迷们预期的高度。在2004年欧洲杯主场比赛中,自鸣得意的“五盾”成为希腊奇迹的背景板,而国家队荣誉的空白成为了菲戈职业生涯的最大遗憾。在本届欧洲杯结束之后,沮丧的菲戈曾经退出国家队,但在斯科拉里等人的劝说下,他于2005年宣布返回。在2006年世界杯上,葡萄牙再次进入了世界杯半决赛40年后菲戈在球队的晋升过程中发挥了重要作用,并与罗纳尔多成功地完成了国家队的权力转移。 。

As a typical European classical handsome guy, Figo has been the darling of the fashion media since his debut. He and his wife Helen Sweeting, a supermodel from Sweden, often took pictures for fashion magazines, participated in various celebrity parties and cocktail parties, and murdered countless Film. Figo's three daughters are also very handsome, all of them are beautiful women. The family of five often goes out on vacation together, which can be described as envious of others. After retiring, Figo did not stay away from football. He first served as a "diplomatic ambassador" in Inter Milan, helping the Nerazzurri to deal with some international cooperation affairs, and then participated in the FIFA presidential election (and later withdrew). In interviews with various media, Figo's gentlemanly demeanor and elegant conversation were impressive.

作为典型的欧洲古典帅哥,菲戈自出道以来就一直是时尚媒体的宠儿。他和他的妻子海伦·斯威廷(Helen Sweeting)是瑞典的超级名模,经常为时尚杂志拍照,参加各种名人聚会和鸡尾酒会,并谋杀了无数电影。菲戈的三个女儿也很帅,都是美丽的女人。五口之家经常一起出去度假,可谓羡慕他人。退休后,菲戈并没有远离足球。他首先在国际亚博登录地址米兰担任“外交使节”,帮助纳拉祖里(Nerazzurri)处理一些国际合作事务,然后参加了FIFA总统大选(后来退出了)。在接受各种媒体采访时,菲戈的绅士风度和优雅的谈话令人印象深刻。

As a man who played for the three giants, Figo has witnessed the dramatic changes in modern football at the turn of the century. In a sense, people may pay too much attention to the huge controversy caused by Figo's change of court, and ignore the master's technical attainments and achievements. Being able to play the "technical responsibility" in the rich clubs for more than ten years, Figo deserves to be an outstanding representative of the great wing class.

作为为三大巨人效力的人,菲戈目睹了世纪之交现代足球的巨大变化。从某种意义上说,人们可能会过多地关注因菲戈换庭而引起的巨大争议,而忽略了大师的技术造and和成就。 Figo能够在富裕的俱乐部中担当“技术责任”十余年,值得成为伟大的机翼阶级的杰出代表。

1989-1995 Portuguese Sports


1995-2000 Barcelona


2000-2005 Real Madrid


2005-2009 Inter Milan


122 goals and 153 assists in 632 games in club career


Major honors during the Barcelona period: 1997/98, 1998/99 season La Liga champion, 1996/97 season European Cup Winners Cup champion, 1997, 1998 Spanish Copa del Rey champion

巴塞罗那时期的主要荣誉:1997 / 98、1998 / 99赛季西甲冠军,1996/97赛季欧洲优胜者杯冠军亚博登录地址,1997、1998西班牙杯冠军

Major honors during Real Madrid: 2000/01, 2002/03, 2004/05 La Liga champion, 2001/02 UEFA Champions League champion, 2002 UEFA Super Cup champion, 2003 Western Super Cup champion

皇家马德里的主要荣誉:2000 / 01、2002 / 03、2004 / 05西甲冠军,2001/02欧洲冠军联赛冠军,2002欧洲联盟超级杯冠军,2003西部超级杯冠军

Major honors during the Inter Milan period: 2005/06, 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09 Serie A champion, 2006 Italian Cup champion, 2006, 2008 Italian Super Champion

国际米兰时期的主要荣誉:2005 / 06、2006 / 07、2007 / 08、2008 / 09意甲冠军,2006年意大利杯冠军,2006年,2008年意大利超级冠军

The Portuguese national team 127 games, 32 goals and 38 assists


Won the third place in the 1989 Under-16 World Youth Championship and the 1991 Under-21 World Youth Championship


Won the semi-finals of the 2000 European Cup, the runner-up of the 2004 European Cup, the semi-finals of the 2006 World Cup


2001 World Footballer, European Footballer selected by "French Football" magazine in 2000. To


Note: All the stars selected into the Hall of Fame are retired players, and the star card number does not represent the ranking


For more exciting activities, please pay attention to "I am a coach 3.0 circle"


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